Kids should play outside in every weather conditions and moms should be relaxed knowing that their kids are dry, warm and the clothes will be easy to clean. Softshell, a three layer material used in this collection is comfortable to wear and has a very good specification.

Hi, I’m Magda and my life’s philosophy is staying in touch with nature and that is what I want to pass on to my kid(s). In my heart I truly believe that childhood is all about exploring the nature and staying on the move. Very early I realised that spending quality time outside with one’s child is limited by the weather. Moreover, I noticed that the most often on the playground you can hear: “do not sit on the wet sand”, “the slide is wet”, “leave it or you will get dirty”.

Polish design and production. The prints on the fabrics are designed by very talented people. I have had a great pleasure to cooperate with Ewa Brzozowska from and with Ewa from

This is when the idea for Bobby’s was born. Modern clothes, created to protect from wind, cold and getting wet, designed by a mom who wishes for all children to spend more time outside, regardless of the weather.